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January 21, 2010
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Cathedral of the Three Sisters by chibiamy Cathedral of the Three Sisters by chibiamy
Apo 7x
SaTaNiA's HDR Render Script
GIMP 2.6

Still rendering through Apo itself. Curious to see which is the higher quality render, etc. If the other one is better I'll throw it up. But I'm fairly happy with how this one turned out. It's rather interesting.
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Beautiful and original!
Thank you ever so kindly!
It is lovely :)
Thank you very much!
karma4ya Jan 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy New year!! :) how u been?
Far more busy than anyone should be post-holidays! ;)

I'm well, actually. Getting back into creating fractals and the like.

What's up with you? Hmmm?
karma4ya Jan 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
my gramps had a stroke in Nov so the holidays were kinda a bummer dealing with gramps and he wasnt able to come home till new years eve, Now everything is finaly gettin back to normal :) did u get apophysis to work on fedora? I just upgraded from fedora core 8 to 12 and havent tryed it yet!
Not really. It freezes at the end of a render, that's been my problem, mostly. And that needs an upgrade to WINE. Which I don't think has happened. So I still have my Windows laptop that is slower than tar on rendering, but it's windows native, at least.

I'm looking forward to Apo 3.0, since from what I've seen cross-platform is a MUST.

You could look at Virtual Machines, too. There's a free one out there, not that I remember the name. ;) But you have your linux box, open up a VM with windows in it and go from there. That did work when I was using the husband's machine on Fedora 11.

The hubby just upgraded me to 12 on my other machine. It's pretty smoothe, I would suggest upgrading. :)

Sorry about your gramps. Mine had stroke when I was 8ish. And he lived a long life, the only problem came when he started having multiple smaller ones as he got more sedintary with age. (Did I spell that right?)
karma4ya Jan 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i did fedora 12 i think and i had issues with it so i went back to ubuntu! i will try fedora in dual boot maybe I got frustrated fedora 8 was sweet my apophysis worked great i should have just left it alone lol! :)

I haven't used Ubuntu but hear GOOD things about it.

What I'm going to do next is the husband is going to build a machine then try three things on it:

Windows Native
Apo through WINE on Fedora 12
Apo on Windows in a VM

And we're going to benchmark it - see which is most efficient and which faster, etc.

And whatever one that is, that will be my Apo box for a while.
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